How To Make Your Vagina Tight Naturally

If you’re reading this because you vagina has become loose and wide then rest assured… there are plenty of reasons for this can happen such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Fluctuating weight
  • Health reasons
  • Natural Aging
  • Hormones

Any of the above could result in a more flaccid vaginal canal.

Don’t worry. This article will explore each and every reason to help you identify the causeĀ of the loosening and loss of taut natural vaginal walls you once had.

Some women feel that a loose vagina is something that can make you feel less appealing to your partner. If you feel like this it’s also common to worry about the effect on your sex life.

Feeling your vagina is looser can also lead to loss of libido. Will your partner notice? Is it as enjoyable? All these worries can begin to take a toll on you and your sex life.

This post has been written to help women rediscover their attitude and aptitude for sex and is full of information about what happens to your body naturally, like the loss of vaginal elasticity, and ways to potentially remedy it.

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What CausesĀ  A Loose Vagina?

First of all let’s establish exactly what a loose vagina is.

We’d typically say this is when the vaginal canal feels too large or the walls feel like they are not tight enough anymore.

Here are some of the most common reasons this could happen.


Becoming a Mom is truly one of the most remarkable endeavors a woman can achieve. Unfortunately for some, this amazing gift can come at the cost of losing they tight vagina that was there in youth.

The stretching and widening when enduring childbirth can stretch and dampen the elasticity. As is commonly anecdote says, it’s like squeezing a melon out of a lemon!

This extreme change in size can result in stretching and sometimes tearing meaning the perineum requires stitches.

Contractions in labor mean a repeated stretch and contracting of the vaginal opening and walls. This can tire and stretch the walls beyond immediate repair.

Frequency of Masturbation and Sex

This is also an activity whereby the vagina will expand and contract upon sex or penetrative masturbating.

Repeated contracting and expanding can result in vaginal loosening.

Extremely vigorous sex could also cause widening of the vagina and loss of elasticity in this area.

How To Find Out If Your Vagina Is Weakened & Flimsy

It’s usual to be able to feel or sense that your vagina has changed over time but it can also go unnoticed.

Here are some tricks to help understand if your vagina has widened.

Inserting A Finger

Inserting more than 2 fingers with ease and no discomfort can be an identifier of that your vagina is wide.

Another option is to insert 1 finger and see if your vagina can ‘clamp’ around the finger with any recognisable tightness. If you can’t flex your vagina at all then that’s also a sign of a loosening vagina.

Vaginal Sexual Sensation

If you struggle to feel anything during sexual intercourse that’s a sure fire signal to say you’re vag is not as tight as it used to be.

It’s understandably hard to do but asking your partner is also a good indication. A loose vagina reduces the sensitivity during sex as there is a lack of sexual tension / friction between the penis and vagina.

If your partner is struggling to orgasm from penetrative sex that could also be an indicator of a wide vaginal opening.

Regular masturbation is fine but inserting large objects into the vaginal passage can also cause issues with stretching. If you struggle to achieve climax without using larger objects it may be a good idea to try a tightening technique.

How to Tighten Your Vaginal Muscles At Home

Surgery can be a surefire way to tighten up down there but it’s costly and can be painful.

It’s recommend to try natural homemade remedies, techniques, exercises and products that are safe and less invasive than surgery.

This means no visits to an expensive gynecologist, doctors or surgeons.

All you need to do is follow these easy remedies and exercises to start tightening your vagina. Some are instant while other methods can take more time.

Vaginal Cones

These vaginal weights are a technique used for strengthening the pelvic floor. They can be called Yoni Eggs or Jade Eggs and derive from ancient Chinese medicine.

They are small weights that have a string attachment on them. A cone is inserted into the vagina similar to a tampon with the string used to aid removal.

As the vaginal strength increases a heavier weight can be used. The longer you can clamp this weight in and hold it the tighter your vagina will become.